Motorola X Phone in Canada: Let’s Get Things Straight

As many of you are probably aware of, during the last few months, Motorola’s upcoming smartphone has been extensively leaked and rumored.

Moto’s fans have been taken through a rollercoaster ride: we’ve heard it all, from rumors claiming that the Motorola X Phone will rock the industry to whispers claiming that it will be just a mid-range device and that Google has already taken its hands off the project.

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Rogers Canada: New International Roaming Packages

rogers-roaming-packagesAs some of you might know, Rogers has recently refreshed its international roaming packages. Before getting into details let me get this out of the way: i know many of you have feared that, with the holiday season approaching, Rogers will increase international roaming prices. However, this was not the case. Even better, the Canadian carrier has decided to include additional data.

So, without further ado, here are the highlights.

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Top Secrets Hidden on your Smartphone

Smart devices are great machines. They let you stay online constantly and they keep you up to date with all the happenings within your friends’ lives. Of course, what you might not know is that your smart phone has a lot of secrets it likes to keep. Creators and app developers from around the world have expanded the power of smart devices. So, if you’re willing to look around and experiment, here are some of the secrets your smart phone is hiding from you. Like how my house hides a lot of rats from me during the summer.

Infrared Tricks
One of the pieces of technology that people often overlook on their phones is the infrared feature which has long lost its purpose. Or has it? A lot of other kinds of technology still use infrared when accepting signals. For example; your television still sends out and receives commands through infrared tech. If you find the right kind of app, it would very easy to start clicking away at channels and even your TV box.

Using the Volume Buttons to Manipulate Tracks
Yet another simply trick to enhance the functionality of your phones comes in the form of an app. There are quite a few programs on the Play store that allow you to make your volume buttons into skip and previous buttons. For Blackberry Phones, all you’ll need to do is to go into settings and change up your music shortcut buttons.

Turning your Smartphone into a Games Console
Since the technology within your phone is getting more and more advanced, it’s been much easier for developers to make emulators. Each of these emulators gives your phone the ability to read old ISO files. Of course, since you might want to enhance your experience further. It’s also suggested that you purchase a controller, and maybe even a better charger. After that, it’s just a matter of buying emulators and ripping your old discs for their ISO images.

So there you go, a few solid tips that you can use to enhance your smart phone experience. Once you’re done working on the windows and doors in Orangeville or after you’re done renovating your home, why not renovate your machine? Hopefully, you don’t get rats though.

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Smartphone Review: Cloudphone’s Thrill777

In this site, we feature reviews of the newest smartphones in the market. We realize that in today’s world, a new smartphone is released almost every week. For this reason, people find it hard to keep up with the latest advancements in smartphone technology. To help the average smartphone user keep up with such advancements, we post new smartphone reviews every week. For this post, we are going to review Cloudphone’s Thrill777. The Thrill777 is definitely one of the best mid-range smartphones in the market right now. If you are looking for a phone that is able to handle most tasks but don’t want to spend so much money on it, do consider buying a Thrill777.

The best thing about the Thrill777, in our opinion, is the fact that it can run so many applications at once without slowing down or crashing. We tested the phone’s capacity for multitasking by running a demo account for trading binary options whilst browsing binary options trading websites. As binary options traders, it is very important for us to be able to trade on the go. Unfortunately, most smartphones still aren’t good for trading binary options on the go. This is because using so many applications at once slows most smartphones down. And unfortunately, unless one is able to go back and forth between different binary options trading applications smoothly, one won’t be able to make the most profitable trades on the go. Despite just being a mid-range phone, however, the Thrill777 was able to run several web browser windows whilst a demo account for trading binary options was running. The best part was that we were able to switch back and forth between the applications smoothly.

Of course, we are not saying that the Thrill777 is only good for binary options trading. In fact, considering that it was able to handle binary options trading on the go, we can confidently say that the Thrill777 is excellent for handling other tasks that require multitasking. You can think of the Thrill777 as more of a laptop than a phone. Yes, it’s even more powerful than the average tablet. For anyone who wants to engage in heavy-duty tasks while on the go, the Thrill777 should prove to be a great smartphone. These heavy-duty tasks include playing smartphone games that drain a lot of resources. Yes, gamers! The Thrill777, despite being cheap, should be enough to meet all your gaming needs! We played Last Fantasy VII on the Thrill777 for a few hours, and surprisingly, it didn’t slow down or crash. This is really surprising as the game was made to be played on high-end phones.

Tomorrow, we will be featuring a review of another phone Cloudphone recently realeased: the Bohz890. The Bohz890 is Cloudphone’s flagship smartphone, and many people have been hyping it up over the past few months. But does it really meet the hype? We are going to answer this question in tomorrow’s post. So please, if you want an unbiased, comprehensive review of the Bohz890, do visit our site again tomorrow.

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Top 3 Smartphone Applications for Locksmiths

A locksmith generally serves his/her commercial and residential clientele round the clock, which is not easy to handle daily. Therefore, we have decided to add some convenience into a locksmith’s life in the form of the following smartphone applications that are likely to help him/her with work-related problems. Some of the major issues a locksmith faces every day include service management, password generation, invoice making and customer management. Thanks to the app developers who have offered an ultimate solution of all. Here are a few applications for locksmiths that are going to decrease their work load significantly:  

1. SFIC app

SFIC is an abbreviation used for ‘Small Format Interchangeable Core’. It is an iPhone app particularly developed for projects related to locksmithing. It helps you keep track of a number of different locksmith ventures and supports both master keys and change keys. This application allows 6 to 7 chamber cores, which makes it a perfect tool to employ for choosing the pinning for A2 system’s exchangeable core cylinders. You can send the key bittings put together in your locksmith project on email via SFIC app. It can easily be downloaded from the internet.

2. Locksmith Connect

If you have a busy locksmith business, like Bournemouth Locksmiths, this app is perfect for you.  It is a highly efficient suite of software specifically designed for the convenience of locksmiths. It is not only helpful for owners, but also the field workers. It allows you to work in a stress free environment, since the core program of Locksmith Connect includes key codes, automotive technical information, master keying, connect questions and search, customer management and invoice.  Best of all, it updates the technical data on a real-time basis. Therefore, every time you run it on your smartphone, you are going to have they latest key making methodologies, key codes, remote programming guides, code series and many more. Locksmith connect comes with a 30 day free trial pack.

3. Locksmith Register Forms

As a locksmith, you need to handle quite a lot of sales, reports, returns, credits and customers every single day. This app comes with a multiple register forms that facilitate your accounting process. This app offers separate forms for return, credit, sale and other similar accounting operations. All you need to do is add entries. You can get this application for free for blackberry, windows, iOS and android smartphones.



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Changes In Suspension Technology And How It Has Evolved

technologysuspensionSuspension technology particularly in regard to the trucking world has evolved at a fast pace in recent years and there have been many modifications and alterations.

Indeed, much of this has been replacing coil springs with air suspension which is deemed to be more effective and efficient especially on trucks, SUV’s and vehicles that carry heavy loads.

What is the thinking behind this technology however and how has it changed the way in which suspension systems work?

The old way of delivering suspension to a vehicle was highly inefficient and clunky. Basically it relied to coil springs and, as you can imagine, this were prone to a wide range of different problems which didn’t make them long term solutions. This was particularly true of vehicles such as trucks that carried heavy loads and in recent years there has been a concentrated effort to ensure that trucks have modern and effective air suspension systems in place.

For example many new truck spindles are more durable and smartly made than before and when used in conjunction with new technology such as MaxTrac Suspension they provide a better all-round and more efficient system. Indeed this aided the trucks in a variety of different ways. On the one hand it allowed for better comfort and more weight to be carried and on the other it meant that the vehicle could absorb shocks much better and less damage was inflicted on the actual truck itself.

The old shock absorbers and coil springs that we talked about above were only ever created to deal with a few select situations and they weren’t made to deal with overly heavy weight or sharp turns for example. This made them very restrictive and limited what the vehicle could do.

As technology developed and the air systems came into play they provided much more flexibility for the truck. The system comes with an on-board air compressor, sensors and electronic controls that can adapt and change themselves for vary situations and allows for far more flexibility when on the road.

In fact it also significantly contributed to comfort too. For many truck drivers who drove back with empty vehicles the traditional form of suspension made for a very uncomfortable ride. The coil springs weren’t made for adapting to different scenarios and, if it was used to a certain load weight for a period of time, anything less than that often made for an uncomfortable journey.

The new modern technology however can adapt to situations like this and comfort over long distances in addition to riding with a full load on the way and no cargo on the way back is maintained and remained consistent throughout.

For trucks and truckers the new suspension technology like the MaxTrac Suspension that we mentioned above is now the reality rather than the future. It is expected that this is going to get even more advanced over the next 5 years however, for now, drivers can be reassured that modern air suspension is efficient and that the technology can adapt to different situations.

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Why Buy a Sunny Experio 10

Everyone needs a powerful smartphone to be able to meet the demands of daily life nowadays. Unfortunately, though, most smartphones in the market actually fail to deliver. This is the reason why we started this online magazine. In this online magazine, we regularly post reviews of the different smartphones being released in the market. Hopefully, our readers will end up checking out the smartphones we feature.

In this post, we are going to review the Sunny Experio 10. The Sunny Experio 10 is definitely one of the best smartphones currently out in the market. The best part is that it is very much affordable.

What sets Sunny Experio 10 apart from the other smartphones currently out in the market? One would be the fact that it has a battery life of about one week. Even when one is constantly using the smartphone, one can expect it last at least five days. Because of this, people who are constantly on-the-go really need to consider switching to Experio 10.

Another thing that’s so great about Sunny Experio 10 is that it is actually really fast, even when running multiple apps at the same time. The problem with most phones currently out in the market is that even when they have powerful processors, they can’t run many apps in the background at the same time. This is not the case with Sunny Experio 10. With Sunny Experio 10, people can expect to be able to run so many apps critical for their workflow at the same time. In this regard, the smartphone is really more like a laptop or a desktop computer that fits in just one hand.

The Sunny Experio 10 is now the favored phone of mobile traders. This is because mobile traders like to be able to run so many trading apps at the same time. Those who do binary options trading with Banc de Binary, for one, are all switching to Sunny Experio 10. This is because through the smartphone, they can easily switch between using a Banc de Binary practise account and a premiere account. This enables them to craft amazing trading strategies by trial and error.

One of other factors that make Sunny Experio 10 so amazing for online trading is that it doesn’t allow room for error. Transactions done via most brokerages’ mobile website won’t go awry due to processing problems when using a Sunny Experio 10, and this is because the smartphone is fast enough to handle such high loads.

If you do not want to encounter a Banc de Binary withdrawal problem or any other dilemma when it comes to mobile trading, I highly suggest that you buy a Sunny Experio 10. In my opinion, it is definitely going to become the favored phone of most people who do business on-the-go. The best part is that it only costs a few hundred dollars. It’s really amazing how Sunny was able to make a cheap phone that offers much more than what the other high end phones in the market offer. People definitely should make it a point to not miss out on the mobile experience this smartphone offers.

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Ko Air Filtration Systems And Mobile Control

airfilterThere has been a massive increase in home automation and the use of mobile devices to control all aspects of our daily lives. In many ways most of us don’t realize just how much we now use mobile technology for daily tasks and certainly over the past decade or so it has crept into so many everyday things.

One area that is quickly responding to the advancements in mobile technology is air filters and we are going to look at how technology is evolving and in what ways mobile control is quickly becoming the norm for home air filtration systems.

Many air filter companies have released mobile apps on platforms such as the Apple App Store or on Google Play that work directly with their own air filters. Usually the air filtration system has a central control where you can turn the system on or adjust it from one panel however there has been calls for more flexibility and cell phone and tablet apps are beginning to be the main way in which these systems are controlled.

The apps that many air filter companies have available (and there are also some third party app developers as well) connect directly to your system and you can turn it on, off, adjust settings and a lot more directly though the app itself.

Indeed, many people find this incredibly useful. They can turn on their air filter before they even get home as some of the apps and air filters are accessed via wireless internet technology. Also, it is possible to change the settings of the air filter system so if you are expected home earlier or later than normal you can change the daily time that the system activates at. It works in the same way many home automation systems do such as security, lighting or even heating.

Many air filter companies are seeing the potential that this has for future development.

While it does cost most to create and install an air filtration system with mobile and app access the benefits for themselves and their customers are huge. For example charging a couple of dollars to download the app can cover costs to develop the mobile app and there is evidence to suggest that consumers are more likely to use an air filtration product from a company that does offer mobile access.

So, does the future of air filtration systems lie in mobile technology?

All the evidence seems to suggest that it does. We expect that, over the next 5 years, just about every air filtration system will use mobile apps for control. This can also extend to finding and buying air filter replacements such as a 20x20x1 filter and finding the exact filter size for the system; all done through a mobile app.

Homeowners and those who have air filters installed will see this technology develop rapidly in the coming years and for ease of use and control this is great news for everyone who uses an air filtration system.

Posted by Peter Mosley - February 23, 2014 at 12:28 pm

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Medical-Related Tasks Now Easier With Simple Technology

secretaryWorking as a private medical secretary is a great mix of stress, excitement and fulfillment. It can get very stressful in times when there’s just too many patients wanting to be catered as immediate as possible, and it’s fulfilling in the sense that no matter how hectic every single working day is, I still get to make it work for all parties – me, the medical specialist I’m working for, and the patients who are dying to get their desired surgeries finished. I’ve been working for a male breast reduction San Diego based expert for about 5 months now and I’ve seen the drastic changes in just a short span of time – before he owned a website and when was built and went live online. Apparently, I didn’t realize the big difference a mere website can do until I experienced it.

This Gynecomastia expert was specifically working on building his website when I stepped in his clinic to apply as a secretary. My first 2 months of work with him was quite laidback – patients come in, make some inquiries, I give them a list of tests they need to acquire, and so on. However, when his site was finished and the company he called for it was able to make it live and sit in the first pages of search engines, that’s when the massive changes begun. More clients were calling, more potential patients were stepping in the office, more paperwork and other clerical work needs to be finished every day. In fact, every single day started become hectic and I never thought that working as a medical secretary can get that much demanding.

Later on, the surgeon decided to improve almost everything since he himself was having difficulties in catering more patients in a typical, basic clinic. He purchased additional machineries for him and upgraded the computer I’m using. Of course, I needed a dual monitor PC with faster system. Not only that, I was also suggested to get a better mobile phone – one that can work for longer hours and do more tasks than simple calling, texting and checking the internet. This was mainly because my surgeon was contacting me even after my working days and weekends because I started to bring work at home – that’s just how hectic it was. It didn’t take long when he purchased a handy tablet for me to use day in and day out. He knew I badly needed it and it was very helpful, indeed. I started to learn my way through how technology works, how to improve my gadgets, how important upgrading my gadget and my applications is, and more about it.

No doubt, owning an efficient website is of great help in gaining more clients. Now, I’m not only catering physical potential and loyal clients who would visit the clinic but also those who would send inquiries through the website. Recently, a colleague of the surgeon I’m working for who was apparently a breast augmentation Fort Lauderdale based expert collaborated with him and I ended up working with another private medical secretary. I found out that this secretary was also operating his boss’ website called and I realized that a hectic life for medical secretaries is just norm.

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Our Review Of The Samsung Jitterbug Plus Cell Phone

The Jitterbug Plus cell phone has undergone a few changes since its inception, and with the new sleeker body it really has transformed into a nice looking mobile device. Originally aimed at the senior community, the phone had added some features that make it a little more that just a standard telephone. With the much more narrow body than its predecessors, the Jitterbug Plus comes with a camera which enables users to now upload their pictures to their Facebook accounts. With more people actively spending their time on Facebook, it only makes sense this phone would allow seniors the ability to connect with their children with social media.

Now that users can easily upload their pictures of their grandchild to the internet, the Jitterbug Plus cell phone has once again become a popular choice for people who simply want a mobile device they can use when they need and not get locked into any long term commitments. The new design is much more narrow and completely falls in line with many of the other types of flip phones on the market. At slightly over three inches tall and weight a little over three ounces, this phone can easily fit into a purse or pants pocket.

The front of the Jitterbug Plus cell phone has a front display a little over one inch in size that displays the time and date in large bold lettering. The phone comes with the standard headphone jack and USB port for charging the phone each day. When the phone is opened, you will get a dial tone immediately. This is a great feature of the phone that eliminates the need to fumble around looking for the right button to make or answer a call. Simply flip the phone open and you are ready to go. The number pad is large enough that you can easily see the numbers even with an outstretched hand. The numbers are all larger enough for any size finger and the raised borders make it very easy to feel around when you are on the number correctly. In low light conditions, the numbers will be illuminated with white rings so you can easily read and find them with no issues. The website recently did a roundup of cell phones for seniors and the Jitterbug was one of the recommended devices. This phone should definitely be on the short list for the older crowd.

The phone book on the Jitterbug Plus cell phone can store fifty contacts. Upon ordering your phone on the internet, you have the ability to have three of the more common phone numbers you call added to the phone so they will be preset once the phone is activated. Your new cell phone has the ability to make and receive calls, check voice mail, text messaging, check call history, and even connect to a Bluetooth device. The screen can also be customized to one of five colors with seven different ringtones to choose from.

The Jitterbug Plus cell phone comes with a variety of emergency services that are accessed by the handset. The 5 Star Urgent Response is for when seniors feel they are in a situation that has the potential to be life threatening. An agent will answer the call twenty-four hours a day and track the location of the phone and send the authorities. LiveNurse is another feature that will instantly connect you to a registered nurse twenty-four hours a day too.

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Using Smartphone Apps to Strengthen Car Accident Claims

Car accidents are a very common occurrence – it’s an unfortunate fact that people have accepted. It goes without saying that the results of car accidents may range from minor physical injuries to death. Unfortunately, this isn’t where the unfortunate effects of car accidents end. Hospitalization bills and the costs of unemployment often worsen whatever it is a car accident victim suffers through after their accident. Fortunately, compensation received from the entity/person that caused the accident and the car accident victim’s insurance provider can cover the financial consequences of car accidents. There is one single big problem with this though, and that is the fact that the other parties involved in a car accident will try their best to undermine the car accident victim’s claims and make then receive fractional or even no compensation.

Despite being having to confront the antagonism of everybody else that’s involved in their accident, car accident victims can rest easy if they have good legal representation. In Toronto, most car accident victims hire a personal injury lawyer Toronto firm to help them get maximum compensation, and most of the time, it works. Another great piece of news is that through the use of certain smartphone apps, proving liability and strengthening one’s claims are now easier than ever.

Many personal injury lawyers from the Greater Toronto Area now use smartphone apps to help them with their cases. People who have downloaded such apps can help them collect important information at the scene of the accident. One such app prompts users to fill out certain information such as the names of witnesses, the plate numbers of the cars involved in the accident, the officer that is handling the case, etc. In addition, the app also allows its users to record a video of the scene. Once everything has been filled out, the information supplied is sent to a personal injury lawyer.

According to brain injury lawyer toronto firm, the app helps make cases less complex yet stronger. The problem back then was that much information tended to be lost before a personal injury lawyer got in contact with a car accident victim. Thanks to the new personal injury lawyer apps, car accident victims or anyone else at the scene can record important details of the accident before they are lost. In addition to immediately supplying much useful evidence that can surely help make their case strong, it also minimizes the costs of building the case on both the part of the client and their lawyer. The app saves expenses by minimizing the need for photographers and accident scene reconstruction experts, for one. “According to our analysis, we have a 100% success rate with the cases we got through a personal injury lawyer app. This just goes to show that everyone should have a personal injury lawyer app on their phone,” Ellie Liman, a personal injury lawyer, told us.

Hopefully, this post of mine will prove helpful to everyone who reads this article. People should definitely download a personal injury lawyer app as it will surely prove useful to anyone who gets involved in a motor accident. Just by downloading such an app, people will be able to greatly increase their chances of getting compensation.

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Tech is Driving Advances in Healthcare

techInnovations are being made every day in the rapidly expanding field of “Health and Technology.” Health problems are an issue that everyone experiences in one way or another throughout their lives. While many studies point to diet and exercise as the main determining factors in general health, there are often issues that cannot be dealt with at home and that require the outside help of both science and technology specialists who are at the forefront of creating new ways for people to live long and fulfilling lives.

Within this context, companies all over the world are trying to develop products that are not only profitable, but also effective in promoting health, treating disease and reversing the effects of aging. What is unique within this field of study and research is the need for cross-disciplinary experts and studies. People from disparate backgrounds with radically different expertise must need to come together to create products and therapies that allow for great change. No longer can businesses do lab-work alone to create their products, but instead require the input of people from all different parts of the business community.

One firm that is at the forefront of this field, headed by Kenneth Dart, is Dart Neuroscience, a Delaware-based pharmaceutical company. This firm not only explores the traditional paths of drug testing and creation, but is on the forefront of experimental research that is willing to think outside of the box to create new products that reverse memory loss in people who have experienced trauma, disease, or are going through the difficulties of aging.

This company is responsible for developing a wide range of proprietaries including those that enable the examination of the fruit fly gene(s) that deal directly with memory. Of course, technology is at the forefront of these discoveries, as new machines, devices and methodologies are required any time innovation is the primary goal of a company. Since testing the memory of both mammalian and insect species is obviously a difficult undertaking, it is often not up to only research scientists to make these discoveries, but also to those in various tech fields who need to come up with the products that will facilitate these drastic changes today and into the future. Physicians, medical physicists, biomedical engineers, nurses, clinical engineers and hospital engineers (amongst other) will all be needed to work in sync for these new therapies to work safely and effectively for decades to come.

Medical technology is surely one of the most exciting fields to be part of in today’s business landscape. There are infinite possibilities to affect change, and to help people live longer and happier lives. Not only are the opportunities fruitful from an educational and therapeutic standpoint, but they also have the chance to be good-paying and long-term jobs in firms such as the one mentioned above. What is required to create change in a rapidly growing and expanding field such as this, is true innovation and the willingness to step out from what is expected to create and new and exciting possibilities that were once thought impossible.

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